Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life Unforgettable moments

LIFE: A small word that has been defined in all different forms by different kind of persons. But no matter which system of definition is being followed there is no denying the fact life is comprised of varied kind of phases or moments. Each and every phase of life is governed by its own kind of needs and priorities. One has to actually pass through all these phases of life either willingly or unwillingly.

Among these countless moments of life there are some special ones, which leave a life long impact on you. They are so deeply imprinted on the canvas of memories that one cannot escape from their effect: "the unforgettable moments".

Each individual may be having his/her own bunch of these unforgettable moments. But I think most of you will agree with me if I say that one of the most unforgettable part of one’s life is his or her "student life": especially the college life.

Student life: incomparably spicy and colourful. All sorts of mischief, planning, fun and masti, all through those long school and college years. The brain works at its maximum potential, the energy levels are always to the fullest, aspirations are sky high and the eyes are full of the most colourful and wonderful dreams (which are far away from the practical reality). Everybody else in the world seems to be stupid, except yourself and your dear friends.
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